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 CardMail Videos, Reference Sheets & More

 Outlook Live for Students (PDF format)
 CardMail Quick Reference Guide (PDF)
 Logging into your Outlook Account (Flash Video)
 Reading Mail Messages (Flash Video)
 Address New Messages with the Address Book (Flash Video)
 Working with Name Completion (Flash Video)
 Forwarding Mail Messages (Flash Video)
 Replying to Mail Messages (Flash Video)
 Working with Folders (Flash Video)
 Adding a Contact to your Contact List (Flash Video)
 Creating a Private Distribution List (Flash Video)
 Creating a Public Distribution List (Flash Video)
 Flagging Mail Messages (Flash Video)
 Working with Attachments (Flash Video)
 Forwarding Mail to a non-University Email Account (Flash Video)
 Forwarding your Mail to an Outside Account (pdf format)