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HTML Email is not supported. GWMobility provides text only email. If the email you receives is supposed to be in HTML format, the HTML will be delivered as an attachment.
Novell concludes shared address books are not supported
Novell concludes that folders and emails outside of the system folders (Mailbox, Sent Items, Trash) are only synced 30 days back from the time your account is setup
iPAD was slow to sync. Took nearly one hour
Android and iPhones were slow to sync deletions.
Sprint EVO is least compatible with GWMobility (based on test results and feedback)
Editing calendar entries using your mobile device causes double calendar entries on recipients account. Only edit calendar events using your Groupwise Client or WebAccess.
Apps installed from the App Stores (ie. Apples App Store, Android Market) can cause syncronization problems with your device. 
Be cautious installing memory management tools, as these are designed to kill processes in order to conserve memory and preserve battery life on the device.  ActiveSync, the service that syncs your calendar, contacts and email, can be killed or halted by third party apps.