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Our version of Blackboard does not support the current iPad Blackboard App.  After IT upgrades Blackboard in December, the Blackboard App located on the App Store should work.  Users can access Blackboard now through the iPad using Safari like any other website - however, since the iPad does not support ‘Flash’ several different areas will not function including the discussion board and grade center.   Although not directly Blackboard related - many faculty use Adobe Presenter and our Flash server to do PowerPoint and video streaming.  Since both are flash based - they will not work on the IPad.
GroupWise-Web AccessYes/PublishingImages/ULGreen.gif
The GW7 web version and IMAP were tested and was successful.  GroupWise client cannot be installed on the iPad.

Although the Heat knowledge base is accessible from the web, the HEAT client cannot be installed on the iPad.

Apart from logging in to Mysoft and creating a work order, it is not possible to get the details of any items because clicking on links does not function.
The SA environment is fully functional, but the FI environment is not functional at all. Additionally, there is no print functionality via the iPad.
Plone CMSYes
You can login, but page creation failed because the coding box cannot be activated.

SharePoint is only useful for viewing purposes. Cannot edit via web, cannot upload a file. Limited functionality.

Wi-Fi (ULSECURE)Yes/PublishingImages/ULYellow.gif