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Firefox and Google Chrome can successfully download files from BlackBoard using Microsoft Office 2010 probably because those browsers always download the document to your PC first before trying to open it in Office 2010.
IE8 is able to successfully download files from BlackBoard and subsequently open using Office 2010.  However, we received an error message when clicking "Enable Editing" from inside Office 2010. The error indicated that we could view but not edit the file. 
WORKAROUND: If using IE8 with Office 2010, you must download the document to your computer first, then open for editing.









Onenote needs converter that does not exist at thsi time.

Not certified for OnBase 7.2.  Upgrade to 9.2 scheduled for this fall.  Will retest with test environment when available.
We tested 2 ways to download to Excel, using 3 operating systems.  Results follow.
For running a query and downloading to Excel using the "Edit/Run/Download" feature, the same results were obtained for Vista 32, XP, and Windows 7.  The result for these was that the query executed, but did NOT download to Excel.  This test therefore failed on all 3 systems.
For running a query and downloading to Excel using the "Run to Excel" feature, this worked on XP.  For Vista 32 and Windows 7, a message appeared stating that the Excel file was corrupt, but it did open and it did appear correct.
Vista could not download Office 2010 correctly.