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The University of Louisville Policy and Procedure Library is a repository of all current university-wide administrative policies and associated procedures. Find the information you need by searching the collection using the topic, keyword index, document name or alpha-numeric identifier. You may also search by category in the Quick Find menu below.
Please note, individual schools and departments may maintain additional policies and/or procedures. However, such documents do not override official university-wide administrative policies and associated procedures.

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Policies and procedures approved by the University of Louisville Board of Trustees.  Includes links to the University's Code of Conduct and to the "Redbook" that serves as the basic governance document of the University.


Policies and procedures that are of a general administrative or operational nature and cover a broad range of issues.  Topics include but are not limited to conflict of interest, duty to report and non-retaliation, and policy administration.

Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs

Policies and procedures addressing UofL academic, faculty, and student life issues.  See  Faculty Affairs, Graduate AffairsUndergraduate Affairs and Student Handbook for links to policies and procedures. These policies and procedures have a specific approval process not subject to the University’s administrative policy approval process. 

Business Services 

Policies and procedures related to non-academic functions and general business services provided for the university. Topics include but are not limited to environmental health & safety, parking, physical plant, purchasing, procurement, risk management, and university police.


Policies and procedures related to university accounting, budget and financial planning, financial reporting, payroll, and other financial matters.

Human Resources 

Policies and procedures detailing benefits, compensation, employee relations, performance management and/or other related personnel functions. 

Information Technology

Policies and procedures related to UofL’s data, systems, networks, and their associated technology and regulations. Topics include but are not limited to the privacy, security, and responsible use of UofL’s information and technology resources.


Policies and procedures regarding the administration of UofL research endeavors and the conduct of UofL researchers.

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