Administrative Policy
Development and Approval Process



Step 1

 ​Identify the Need for a Policy
  Sponsor approves the need for a new or revised policy

Step 2​

Draft Policy
Responsible department drafts policy per approved policy template

Step 3​

Vetting Process*
Sponsor vets the policy with university constituents. 

Step 4​

Revise Draft
Responsible department makes necessary revisions per feedback

Step 5

University Integrity and Compliance Office (UICO) Review
  Responsible department provides draft policy to for review

Step 6

Finalize Policy
Responsible department edits policy per feedback from UICO and finalizes policy

Step 7

President's Leadership Team (PLT) Approval**
  Sponsor submits policy to the PLT for review and approval

Step 8

Policy Publication
Sponsor sends approved policy to for publication in the Policy and Procedure Library


*The sponsor will determine appropriate vetting of a new or revised policy and may consult with University Counsel to determine if a policy requires Board of Trustees approval.

**New policies require approval by the President’s Leadership Team (PLT).  It is the responsibility of the sponsor to submit a final draft policy to the PLT for approval. Revised policies, with the exception of minor changes (editorial or style), require sponsor level approval and completion of steps 1 through 8.  Once a policy is approved, the sponsor will send the new or revised policy to the University Integrity and Compliance for publication in the online library.  To submit a policy, email it in the appropriate Word template to

The above outlined process aligns with the university’s policy on Developing University Administrative Policies.


Contact with questions regarding the creation and approval process.