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Reclassification – Staff Positions
May 1, 1992

A reclassification occurs when a position is changed to a different title and/or pay grade based on duties, responsibilities, and job requirements.

  1. A pay increase based on promotion resulting from reclassification occurs when the position which an employee occupies is assigned to a different class in a higher pay grade. The reclassification and pay increase will become effective with the first day of the pay period closest to the implementation date established by the university.

  2. In position reclassifications to a higher pay grade, the unit head may request an increase not to exceed eight percent (8%) beyond the employee's current pay salary or pay rate or to the minimum of the pay range for the new classification, whichever is greater. The increase may not be above the maximum of the pay range for the new classification.

  1. The department requesting the evaluation and/or review completes a Job Description Form (DOC) and a PeopleSoft Position Authorization Request, and forwards the documents to the Compensation Office. Any questions should be directed to the Compensation Office (852-6542).

  2. The Compensation Office reviews the information on the position and determines the appropriate classification grade level for the position.

  3. The Compensation Office communicates to the unit head a decision on the grade level and, in the case of reviews, obtains salary recommendations from the department.

  4. The Compensation Office forwards the PAR to the Provost/vice president/dean for approval.

  5. The Provost/vice president/dean forwards the PAR to the Office of Planning and Budget for approval. New jobs or classification action on vacant positions is made effective immediately as approved by the Office of Planning and Budget. Reclassifications of occupied positions are made effective on a monthly schedule as announced.

  6. The Office of Planning and Budget forwards the approved PAR to the Human Resources Department.

  7. The Compensation Office enters the information on the action into the data system, distributes the approved PAR, and forwards confirming letters on the classification action to the originating unit. The department head is responsible for notifying the employee of the action taken.

  8. The Employee Service Center will prepare the necessary database changes. A copy of the printed Payroll Action Form, noting the adjustment due to the reclassification, will be returned to the department.

Revision Date(s):  July 1, 2010
Reviewed Date(s):  March 8, 2016
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