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Abbreviations Used in the InfoWiki
The SPHIS InfoWiki assumes the reader is familiar with the various abbreviations, acronyms, and similar short references used in SPHIS. The following table is for the reader who is not so familiar with a short reference or wishes to confirm a short reference's meaning.
Short reference
Department of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics. Part of SPHIS.
CHHP Center for Health Hazards Preparedness. Part of SPHIS.
CREST Clinical Investigation Sciences program in SPHIS. Offers an M.Sc. and Certificate. (Acronym historical holdover for Clinical Research Epidemiology and Statistics Training.)
Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences. Part of SPHIS.
Department of Epidemiology and Population Health. Part of SPHIS.
Department of Health Management and Systems Sciences. Part of SPHIS.
HPBS Department of Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences. Part of SPHIS.
MPH Master of Public Health. May refer to the degree or program in SPHIS offering the degree.
PAT Promotion, Appointment, and Tenure. E.g., PAT Committee, PAT policy.
SGA SPHIS Student Government Association.