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Accessing and Signing In to SharePoint


Setting Up Easy Access to SPHIS SharePoint

  1. Click here to go to SPHIS SharePoint home or enter URL in your browser.
  2. Add site as a Favorite.
  3. Navigate to frequently accessed sites within SPHIS SharePoint and as Favorites.

Signing In To SharePoint

  1. Navigate to any SharePoint site (e.g., by using Favorites).
  2. Click Sign In in upper right corner of browser window.
  3. One of two things happens:
    1. Your name appears, which means you are signed in plus your computer is part of Active Directory.
    2. A dialog box pops up asking for username and password:
      • Enter the following username: ad\xxxxnn, where xxxxnn is your ULink username (e.g., jqpubl01).
        • Note: Be sure to use backslash (\) whose key is located just above the Enter key.
      • Your name appears, which means you are signed in.