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This is ESSENTIAL for all Wiindows-based computers that cannot access SharePoint due to updates to it on 09/28-29/12. A previous patch that was needed to allow access to SharePoint now prevents access.

  1. Open Notepad as administrator:
    • Click Windows Start icon in lower left corner of screen.
    • Type in "notepad" without the quotes as in the example below.

    • Right-click Notepad at the top of the dialog box as in the example above, which opens a second dialog box, shown below.
    • Click Run as administrator.

  1. Open Hosts file in Notepad as follows:
    • In Notepad menu bar, click File then Open.
    • Expand My Computer or whatever your computer is named. (This is done by clicking the +.)
    • Expand Local Disk (C:).
    • Expand Windows folder.
    • Expand system32 folder.
    • Click on Drivers folder.
    • Click on etc folder.

At this point, there are no items showing. Fix this by following the three steps in the following illustration then proceed with the next bulleted step before going to Step 3:

    • Click hosts file (the one that's just named "hosts") to open it..
  1. You now have the following (there may be more than what's shown here but that's OK):

  1. Remove SharePoint references from the list by deleting the two lines containing "sharepoint" and "securesharepoint".
    • If there are other lines, leave them as is.

  2. The hosts file should look like this:

  1. Click File then Save.

  2. Exit Notepad.