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Subscribing to User Alerts
User alert subscriptions allow you to be notified by email when selected parts of a SharePoint site are modified, including lists, libraries, and other collections of items. User alert subscriptions can be set up to notify you of different types of changes, by various authors, and with various frequencies. You are also able to list your alert subscriptions and delete those you no longer wish to have. You will need to set up a user alert subscription for each part of a site you want to be alerted about.
Who Can Subscribe to User Alerts
If you can sign in to SharePoint and view the part of the site you want to be alerted about, you can set up a user alert subscription for it. Basically any site part that is a collection of items supports user alert subscriptions. This includes announcements, calendars, libraries, discussions, links, and tasks.
How To Subscribe to User Alerts
  • Sign in to SharePoint if not already signed in.
  • Navigate to the site with the part you want to.
  • Click the drop-down arrow to the right of your name in the upper right-hand corner of the SharePoint window.
  • Click My Settings.

My Settings


  • Click My Alerts.

My Alerts


  • Click Add Alert.

Add Alert


  • Select the radio button of the part you want to subscribe to. (You can select only one at a time.)

 Subscription Target


  • Click Next.
  • Set up the specifics for your subscription. Note: If you choose daily email summary, you can specify the time to summarize and send email; if you choose weekly email summary, you can specify the day and time to summarize and send email.

Subscription Specifics 1


  • Click OK. You will receive an email verifying your subscription within a short time (minutes, usually).

Subscription Specifics 2