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Updating the SPHIS Calendar
Adding, Deleting, or Changing an Event or Event Series
To request the addition of a new event or the deletion or modification of an existing event, contact the person maintaining the event's area.
Event area
Maintainer (click to email)
Phone no.
University Vicki Lewis


Holidays Vicki Lewis


classes Tammi Thomas


Dean's office
Kim Kays
Lynne Dosker
EOHS Barbara Parker
EPH Paula Bossmeyer
HMSS Kathie Sacksteder
HPBS Kathie Sacksteder
MPH Program Tammi Thomas
CREST Program Tammi Thomas
CHHP Emily Just
Fixing the SPHIS Calendar
To report an error in how the calendar is functioning (excluding problems with the content of an event or series of events as covered in the above section), email Melissa Schreck or Pete Walton.
Enhancing the SPHIS Calendar
To suggest an enhancement to the calendar, email Melissa Schreck or Pete Walton.