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Travel to Vietnam with visa online


If you have a chance travel to Vietnam, international travelers should not ignore the tourist spots which I will tell. These attractions will not be required to get a Vietnam visa and make visitors to change thoughts and look at it under an aspect totally different.
Han river bridge turn first due to people building and it is considered as a symbol of Da Nang. When night falls, the electric lights lit, standing on the bridge really very romantic. This is the ideal space for what you want to express your love for the enemy. The temple, my Son sanctuary, a place for spiritual tourism. This is already considered a cultural heritage of the world. the temple is located on the hill is the mecca of Indian affairs of the kingdom of Champa worship a Linga, a symbol of say Siva. With the ticket price very affordable 3$ on a turn, the visitors were able to enjoy a tourist destination, full of useful.
Ngu hanh Son or people often referred to as mountain Water. This is the win, including 5 karst mountains jutting up on a beach, sand seaside that is: Kim Son, Thuy Son, Moc Son, the Fire son and tho Son... with the beauty that this place is always the place to attract more tourists in as well as outside the country.

The Nail is almost left untouched absolute, because here there are no people living, and there is no interference of the convenient services from the mainland. This is the ideal place to perform outdoor activities such as camping, bathing, or explore the wild nature, with fields of grass fire stretches titus. You can experience diving in the coral sea with 17 types of hard and soft and many types of anemones full color. The coral enough light, sizes, colors, will certainly leave great impression in your heart about a trip to here.
Source: Du Lich​


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