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Agario Unblocked for school


​But now, past the first parties to make your hand, today you would like to acquire a know-how worthy of that of your competitors, which split as quickly as you are swallowed in screen corners? Some have been gleaned from specialists:

- With the space bar, you can split into two half-sized balls, and quickly project yourself forward. This tactic is essential to escape its predators but beware, the fact of being double attracts twice as many attacks.

To return to your original form, you have to wait a few moments for the fusion to occur naturally. agario​

- With the w key, you can release a small part of your cell, which will allow you to be faster in your movements.

- Important: you can only eat cells smaller than yours. Attempting to swallow spheres of your size will waste time.

- Do not go to the corners if you are small, you will not come out alive. On the other hand, when you have gained weight, push your opponents into these entrenchments. It's a very good tactic.

- If you opt for the multiplayer game, you can decide with your teammate that he deliberately kill himself (sic) to make you gain weight "for free".

- Never touch the green balls, you will lose immediately. Also be careful, some green cell players decide to take the nickname "." To mislead their competitors.

- On the contrary, use these green balls to hide behind when you are attacked, so that your opponents can not touch you anymore.

- Last trick: when a competitor has split with the space bar, you can annoy him by stalling between his two spheres so that he can no longer reflow (gniark gniark).

It's yours now! And if you have other tips, we are taking.


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