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Started: 11/15/2019 4:58 AM
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​Na verdade, a publicidade digital se expandiu consideravelmente devido ao aumento das técnicas de publicidade eletrônica que podem anunciar sites totalmente novos. Recentemente, o uso de publicidade eletrônica para enviar tráfego da Web para sites na verdade triplicou, exigindo progressivamente que as empresas adotassem esse método com eficácia na campanha publicitária na Internet. A publicidade digital no Brasil A publicidade eletrônica é um profissional da área e também o que as pequenas empresas precisam alcançar para melhorar o retorno sobre o investimento que obtêm no desenvolvimento de um negócio. A publicidade digital pode aumentar a credibilidade do nome da marca por meio de técnicas promocionais, que podem ser feitas por redatores especializados em vários sites. A publicidade digital fornece uma variedade de serviços como Monetizze​​

Posted: 11/22/2019 9:14 AM
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Everyone is has a fantasy life.  A fantasy life does not have to be filled with internet porn and vibrators, either.  That kind of arousal is the pedestrian, pathetic, and boring, mostly boring.  Fantasy life also does not always have to be sexual in nature.  Often people fantasize about killing their boss, beating up annoying customers, pissing on demanding clients, or humiliating a condescending coworker. Traffic is the worst time for the idle mind.  The mind imagines that if everyone was wearing their seat belts and if no one really gets hurt, it would be great to ram your compact sedan in the back of the slow moving mini-van with its turn signal on for the last five miles.  These violent and dirty fantasies can be demeaning to all parties, especially the dreamer.

I admit to some of these fantasies.  I fall victim to the occasional road rage, and I do hope a certain over-aged “mean girl” at work gets a scorching case of mouth herpes from making out with our much younger coworker just so she is as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside.  That’s normal, right?  I abhor porn, a topic to be explored later, and I never fantasize about celebrities.  I never dream or fantasize about making out with Brad Pitt or wiggling and sighing under Gerard Butler.  Does even mentioning Brad Pitt as a sex object age me? Celebrities bore me.  Sure, I love the movies and the music of U2, Pearl Jam, and Prince, especially Prince, taught me more about sex than school or even lovers, but I do not fantasize about famous people.  I fantasize about real people.  The man I love, men I have loved, men I want to love me, or even the occasional woman with a great sense of style.​