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Started: 10/17/2019 10:39 AM
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You are a mysterious animal living in a charmed universe of probability. You aren't sure you've spoken with angels, maybe? I would recommend to you that you speak with angels constantly – presumably more frequently than you perceive. Everyone has an association with the profound domain.

Angels don't convey in words. They impart through numeric successions adjusted to explicit lively frequencies, every one an ambassador conveying significant knowledge you need at the present time. Through number successions, your angels likewise enact light codes important to help your spirit's advancement.

Some state you become mindful of angel numbers when new vigorous codes become accessible to you – codes that can be utilized for mending, appearance, and creation. Numbers are comparative in nature to the vibrational recurrence of the angelic domain.

At the point when you see an angel number or grouping of numbers, you become aware of your own development. What an amazing method to follow your profound advancement!​ Learn more at VirtueUp​.

Posted: 10/30/2019 2:57 AM
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Posted: 10/31/2019 9:29 AM
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In that it is equated with MURDER as any kind of break of the ONE FLESH of a body in like kind would cause death .

Adultery is an assault upon the ONE FLESH of the marriage and the defiling of the marriage bed …AND it is a wound to the BODY OF CHRIST which body you are a part of IF you are IN CHRIST .

IF you are IN CHRIST you do not seek to do sin .,.but to flee fornication and all sexual sin as well as any other obedience to flesh outside of God’s procvisions.

Sex is God’s design and gift to us in MARRIAGE …but outside of it …infidelity to ones spouse is also disobedience to GOD and regarded as IDOLATRY …disobedience to GOD ’s word/will and one thus is under the law of the sinful flesh and death …

The flesh is not suppose to RUN us ..we are to REIN it by the WORD of GOD ..thus HE is made LORD over our appetites…and thoughts.

Humanism and doctrines of devils in this age of apostasy have wrecked havoc in the minds of arrogant people who claim Christ and then live like the devil …they WILL reap what they sow .

Jesus said that it is in the heart of a person and what they need is a heart change… Loveawake​

Posted: 11/8/2019 4:19 AM
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Posted: 11/8/2019 5:08 AM
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Posted: 11/20/2019 1:26 PM
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Posted: 11/21/2019 6:07 AM
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Posted: 12/11/2019 6:27 AM
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It is one of the prestigious boards from which lakhs of students from class 5 will be part of the PSC examinations every year. This year exams are over and the PSC Result 2019 Rajshahi Division is awaited.